Haakaa Pump

Last weekend we went on a little escape to the Bach and in my mummy brain state I totally didn’t think about packing Talulahs dinner or my Medela pump.

In my latest blog post I talked about my breast feeding journey and how I am now a mix feeder mumma. For the past four months I’ve been lugging around a big electric double pump and it’s a pain in the butt!!

So as I was preparing dinner for lulu at the Bach I found myself hand expressing into a bowl so that I could mix the milk in with her kumara. If you haven’t hand expressed before then I dare you to give it a try… It’s not very comfortable, your leaning with your boob in a bowl trying to contain the squirts of milk and looking at your baby to encourage some kind of let down… It’s no fun. Jase asked why I didn’t bring the pump and I thought well if I had one of those Haakaa pumps everyone’s been raving about it would be a lifesaver!

Fast forward and I now have a pump in my hot little hands… Well if I can get it off Talulah because she think it’s a toy!

It’s bigger and sturdier than I thought but still compact and light enough to hide in any bag. (Big cudous to the product engineer!)

The first time I used it I expected to need a few goes to get it right, maybe it was luck but first go and we were away! I’m actually surprised at how easy it is! I can play with Talulah and pump at the same time, I can write an email and pump, answer the door to the courier and still be pumping… I can pretty much do anything!

It will pump from any angle – I tried it upside down, to the left and to the right and it worked perfectly! (Just to check haha)

It’s easy to use and a breeze to wash, I throw it in the dinner dishes pile and hubby washes it for me 😉 It collects milk quickly and pours easily into my Haakaa bottles (which are totally amazing and the perfect addition to the pump!)

The best part about this pump is the price!
And you know you are supporting a gorgeous local family who work so hard to bring safe products for Mummas and Bubbas worldwide. Honestly what will they do next?! I’m probably their number one fan haha!