As my milk supply started to decrease I struggled with the thought mix feeding Talulah. I felt like failure and I was scared to death that she would either not take a bottle or she would and then would have nipple confusion and not breast feed when I needed her too.

I was gifted a Haakaa glass bottle and anti-colic silicone nipples from a good friend and all my worries faded away after a few feeds.

Talulah takes the bottle with ease, the anti-colic nipple allowed her to use the same sucking that she would if breast feeding and she has not developed any confusion! Thank goodness! Not only does she switch easily between the bottle and the boob, I can also rest easy knowing that these are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, so she is not being exposed to any nasty chemicals. The bottles are glass and so easy to clean! (Unlike plastic which seems to always have milky residue) They fit easily into any feeding position as if I was breast feeding and Talulah even tries to hold it herself now she is a little older. The milk flow is slow to release and if she unlatches it stops quickly. There are different nipple attachments that fit any of the bottles dependant on age so you never have to upgrade bottles!

The second product we received from Haakaa was an Owl 100% Natural Rubber Teether. Talulah is just starting to put things in her mouth and as a paranoid first time mother I am more than confident that this is safe for her to suck away on. She can easily grip any part of the teether and it is simple to wash!

If you are looking for a beautiful Eco Friendly company then look no further as you have found one here! I completely recommend the products I have tried so far and can not wait to use the rest of their range as Talulah gets older. I have one of their Thermal Drink Bottles waiting in the cupboard for when she is ready! 
10/10 Haakaa! We love your products!

Love CC & TC xx